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Monstera leaf, monstera, Hawaii, Hawaiian flora, Hawaiian birds, Hawaiian plants, Orchids, white orchids, Kamehaha butterfly, butterfly, butterflies, pink, white, green, botanicals, original paintings, green and pink,
acrylic on board
luna moth, luna, moon, moonflowers, datura, moths, full moon, luna moths male and female, night sky
acrylic on board
16x16 inches
ferns and a bright pink orchid with white lilies on a blue sky background
Daffodils, the daffodils, Daffodil paintings, Daffodil painting, birds, crows, bird paintings, bird and flowers, yellow and blue, yellow, blue
acrylic on board
Tree, pink, pink flowers, pods, Lace Bark Tree, Tree paintings, botanical, botanical art
acrylic on board
acrylic on board
13.5x13.5 framed
Hawaiian flowers, florals, blue, white flowers
acrylic on board
12x15 framed