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Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Mexico
Frida, A Unique Presentation

I was inspired to paint Frida Kahlo after a trip to Mexico, a country rich with color and culture. I painted this with care and a lot of thought and planning.
There are aspects of the painting that are meaningful: She is wearing Mexican sunflowers in her hair, she has a dove on her shoulder because Diego Rivera called her his "little Dove", she is wearing pre-Columbian earrings that the painting's owner can remove and wear or replace with other earrings. There is a vintage milagro leg that is part of a butterfly that is flying away, signifying the ultimate loss of her leg. She is wearing a Tehuana blouse because these traditional outfits were what she favored. There is a red star on the blouse which represents her Communist ideals. The butterflies represent transformation and her short life.