Lisa Skyheart Marshall Original Paintings

I am a botanical artist who works in watercolor, ink and acrylic in my studio in Ojai, California.
My art celebrates flowers and plants, birds and insects, which I spend time observing. Sometimes I add fun items such as puzzle pieces, paper clips or marbles to my botanical compositions.
I begin each painting with a pencil drawing and design the new artwork. Many layers of watercolor are added to achieve the vivid color, and ink details are added.
An avid traveler, I also make paintings of “cottages”; little houses or shops, gates and windows I see on trips or around Ojai.
My work is available directly through me during my Ojai Studio Artists open studio events twice a year, or at various exhibits. See news regarding these opportunities.
I work in my loft studio accompanied by my two small dogs and serenaded by the birds in my towering oak trees.
(Check out my Instagram for process pics!
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